• Apple Hires Navigation Expert and Wifarer CEO

    In an ostensible effort to "map" out an improved user experience with iOS 8, Apple has reportedly hired the CEO of Wifarer, a navigation expert and a valuable resources on the subject of getting mobile connected consumers where they need to be.

    Despite rumors to the contrary, Apple did not acquire Wifarer, a startup with a promising future in the navigation space. Instead, Apple hired Wifarer's CEO and founder Philip Stanger. Sources will only reveal that the executive serves in a “leadership role” at Apple.

    TechCrunch received tips hinting that Wifarer could be yet another indoor positioning acquisition for Apple, which is still trying to catch up to Google in this space. Apple, you may recall, notably acquired another indoor navigation startup, WiFiSlam, in March 2013 for $20 million.
    So what does Wifarer's loss mean for the future of the company? Well, for starters, they're not going away. Published reports indicate that newly installed CEO Lise Murphy has big plans for the company. Murphy is quoted saying that Wifarer is “poised to introduce some exciting new IPS [indoor positioning system] solutions for both iOS and Android. These new solutions will offer class leading levels of accuracy and consistency not previously seen in current IPS solutions.”

    Stay tuned.

    Source: TechCrunch
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