• Apple April Sales Up 113 Percent From Last Year, Disappointing?

    Ticonderoga Securities, using their trusted "Apple Barometer," reported Apple had "strong growth year-on-year for April," with sales up 113% compared to the same month last year.

    These numbers aren't raw sales numbers on products shipped, but rather measure sales of component suppliers to Apple in their supply chain. The logic is if Apple needs to purchase more supplies (LCDs, touch screens, etc) from their suppliers, there is a higher demand for their products and more products are being made. Which is a good thing if you're an Apple shareholder.

    The previous three months saw growth year-on-year growth for January up 150%, February up 172% and March up 141%. Apple's quarterly earnings report last month forecast a 7% decrease in sequential sales.for June. This prediction falls out of line with Apple's eight year average where June typically has seen a 5% increase. This of course is characteristic of Apple. Temper analysts expectations, so you can blow them out of the water.

    This massive increase in sales and production over the last six months makes sense with multiple releases of new devices, increased demand, and competition between other manufacturers for a crippled supply base (Japan hurt a lot). Sales for May, especially if they beat Apples estimates, will keep the rumor mill spinning. The estimated decline in sales for June could be the result of a huge uptick in demand on Apple's part over the last few months, and sales for May. If they remain steady or increased, it could indicate a new iPhone has seen production ramped up to meet an imminent release.

    This is obviously going to be conjecture for the business aficionados who cover all things Apple. However, if anyone ever wants to look for confirmation of a new device being released, the supply chain data never lies.

    Source: PC World
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