• Samsung Plans a Health Focused Event 5 Days Before WWDC

    Samsung has begun hyping a health-related event to be held in San Francisco on May 28, five days before Apple’s own Worldwide Developers Conference is slated to begin in the same city. According to Engadget, Samsung’s teaser said the following: “A new conversation around health is about to begin.” The South Korean electronics maker sent out the “save the date” notices this week to generate buzz, while formal invitations to members of the press are scheduled to follow.

    The conversation among tech enthusiasts since the notice was issued has unsurprisingly involved Apple, which is scheduled to kick off its annual WWDC event only five days later, on June 2. Samsung’s timing is interesting as Apple is heavily rumored to offer new features focused on improving user’s health and wellness. Reports have claimed that Apple is working on a health-centric application that would tie in to the growing ecosystem of iPhone-connected devices that track activity, fitness and general medical information, centralizing the data collection and making it easier for users to improve their lifestyle.

    The Cupertino California company already powers step-counting and other motion-related application through its custom M7 coprocessor found in the A7 CPU that drives the iPhone 5S. With this year’s anticipated launch of iOS 8, Apple is rumored to delve even further into the health and fitness market. Both Apple and Samsung are not only fierce rivals in the consumer electronics business but both are also involved in numerous court battles with each accusing the other of copyright infringement. Apple shot first in that legal war, suing Samsung and accusing the company of “slavishly” copying the software and hardware of the iPhone and iPad.

    This year, Apple is heavily rumored to focus on fitness, not only with iOS 8 but also with an anticipated wrist-worn device. Samsung earlier this year issued its own preemptive strike against Apple’s rumored “iWatch” with its own Gear Fit accessory. Samsung’s recent push into the wearable electronics market began in earnest last fall with the launch of its Galaxy Gear smart watch. The product was widely planned in reviews, and subsequent reports have suggested that Samsung rushed to market in an effort to beat Apple’s anticipated “iWatch.”

    Source: Engadget
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    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      The real headline: Samsung rushes to get a crappy product out of the gate before Apple just so they can say they were first!
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