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    We always find web pages on the internet we want to save and continue to visit. If you find a story, article, or cool website that interests you and you want to save it, generally speaking you would bookmark it for future viewing. But for those who love to share their findings, it can be difficult many times to share it on their social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.). On top of this, there's the question of how best to archive/save those URLs for future sharing or viewing by others. Services such as StumpleUpon and del.icio.us offer these types of features already. But a new service called ClipBoy is looking to re-differentiate and make URL sharing much cleaner, smoother, and simpler.

    ClipBoy is a website that hosts saved URLs that you archive yourself. What is unique about ClipBoy is it gives you your own personal URL based on your username. This personal URL allows you to share your saved URLs with friends, family, or whoever you share it to. ClipBoy only supports Twitter sharing at this current time however implementation for multiple Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. accounts is coming soon. Also, an iDevice tweak/app is in the works. A comprehensive list of unique features that ClipBoy has is listed below:

    • Personal URL profile
    • The URL save button pops up a window versus a webpage
    • Simple design, little management
    • Share your entire profile versus one link
    • Potential for iDevice tweak (run natively)

    ClipBoy is new to this market and is definitely in need of improvement. However, the implementations soon to come will be amazing and will continue to make ClipBoy a unique alternative to some of the other larger websites.

    After creating an account on Clipboy, you're given your username URL and URL for posting to ClipBoy. When you bookmark the URL for posting to ClipBoy, you can name it whatever you want. You can choose to drag them onto your Bookmark bar or in Bookmark list also depending on what browser you use. When you find a web page you want to save, you click the "Paste With ClipBoy" (or whatever you name it) and a window pops up. You put your login information, the name you choose, the URL, notes, and color. After doing so, hitting submit will add that URL and all the respective information to your profile. If you want to share your list of URLs to Twitter, go to your profile link and hit "Tweet." You will be prompted to login and add the details to the tweet.

    ClipBoy by no means is complete and is constantly updating and adding new features. I spoke with Will Evans (@Will3942), the creator of ClipBoy, and threw him a handful of ideas. Here are some of the implementations on his to-do list:

    • iDevice app/tweak
    • Improved URL add popup
    • Ability to create groups and add URLs to them (also move URLs from group to group)
    • Sharing one URL versus your entire profile URL
    • Multiple Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. accounts support
    • Add friends to view and share URLs with them

    And much more. Give it a shot and see what you think. The Clipboy website has sufficient information to help you explore what ClipBoy is and also get you started. Follow Will Evans on Twitter for more information on ClipBoy and to pitch him ideas for more implementations.

    Below is a video on how ClipBoy works:


    My profile for ClipBoy can be found here.

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