• Analyst Says Apple Retail Sales Have Dipped

    This week, as Angela Ahrendts accepts the retail reins at Apple as she begins her tenure as the tech giant's head of retail and online sales, news is coming to light that suggests Ahrendts' challenges may be bigger than initially anticipated.

    Needham analyst Charlie Wolf said today that Apple retail store sales have begun to fall in response to a growing number of consumers waiting to see something - anything, in fact - new from Apple, a company for which innovation has been in short supply for "too long," critics allege.

    According to Wolf, it will be “difficult for Ms Ahrendts to accelerate Apple Store sales because we believe these sales have become hostage to Apple’s overall distribution strategy” and the “absence of new products that have typically supercharged growth in the past.”

    Barron's noted Monday that, based on Wolf's data, Apple same-store sales at its retail locations dipped a sizable 5.6% in the March quarter.

    Nonetheless, investors seem to be clinging to hope as shares of Apple are still trading up on the day, presently hovering around $598 as of 1pm EST Monday.

    Source: Barron's
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    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      I'm shocked apple is still doing as good as they are. Downhill since Steve's sad departure.
    1. Striknine's Avatar
      Striknine -
      It will never be the same as when Steve jobs took the stage and you knew something big was about to be released. Now it's who really cares because the last few attempts have been nothing less than disappointing.
    1. Mrinfame's Avatar
      Mrinfame -
      I'm glad people see..that we want a product worthy of that logo that Steve made a sign of quality, and along with quality fineness that we saw till the 4s...the iPhone was the dream phone...it still could've been but we need to be wowed because of the quality and fineness Steve taught us to expect. Apple represent. give us our iPhone back and take that horrible os that u given us back to the drawing board
    1. Tucnepo's Avatar
      Tucnepo -
      Let's face it, apple can only go so far with innovation, now they're just focused on how to catch up with specs onother smartphones. Steve goes, and along with creativeness
    1. law111's Avatar
      law111 -
      To be honest I am not surprised. I've never worked at an Apple store but I have spent a lot of time inside of them, using the products and attending one-to-one sessions. I went to hundreds over a 3 year period. I used to want to work at one of Apple's retail stores, I had a friend who worked there and she wrote a recommendation for me.

      I got an interview and I can take a very good guess and say out of the 9 other people attending the interview I had the most passion and drive to want to work there. I can also take a good guess saying that I knew more than any of them about the Apple products, when asked about what we know when it comes to their products and what our favorite product was, everyone said either iPhone or iPod, or iPad. I was the only one to say anything like Apple tv, Airport Extreme.

      Now I don't know about you but when I go to any tech store I have questions, and I want answers. Specially if I'm going to buy something I want to know what I'm buying and what it can do. Years ago I dropped $2,000+ on a MacBook Pro and I had to go to the store several times because I wasn't getting the answers I needed because their employees just did not know how to set up extended displays. I go to a tech store looking for knowledgeable people. I do not go to the Apple store to make friends with the hipster looking guys and girls.

      The sad thing is it really seems that Apple is hiring solely off of what you look like(if you fit into the "hipster" category) instead of hiring people who are educated on using their products.
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