• New Retail Chief, Angela Ahrendts From Apple Receives 113K Restricted Stocks Worth $68M

    Apple’s new SVP of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts, has received more than 113,000 restricted stock units that are worth more than $68 million in common shares, just one week after officially joining the company. A filing with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has found that Ahrendts was given an official bio to Apple’s leadership webpage the same day as receiving 113,334 RSUs, separated into give parcels.

    The RSU bonus is currently worth more than $68 millions with current AAPL share prices. Like other top-level executives, Ahrendts’ restricted stocks will vest in different intervals in the next four years, with June being when the first batch is scheduled to vest. The rest of Ahrendts’ package will vest as accordingly: 32% on April 1st 2015, 21% on July 18th 2015, 15% on June 14th 2016, 3% on June 14th 2017, and lastly 3% on June 14th 2018. A third of another 33,478 RSU will vest on May 1st 2015, 2016, and 2017.

    On May 1st 2015, 2016, and 2017, performance based RSUs in ‘target number’ batches of 5,817, 5,739, and 5,747 RSUs will vest. Apple is known to typically offer its leadership team RSUs to incentivize ongoing positive performance, with the latest being almost 36,000 RSU bonuses that were mete out to executives back in March.

    Source: SEC
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      Gimannnnnnny crickets !!!!!
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      Smh. This world we live in. That's wild.
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