• *EXCLUSIVE* ATT Internal Memo, White iPhone CSP - On Sale Tomorrow

    We have an exclusive leaked copy of the AT&T customer service protocol for tomorrow's white iPhone 4 launch.

    The document contains a list of "Critical Must Knows/Dos for Local Dealer Locations." The highlight of all this confidential information is the fact current iPhone 4 users still under the 30 day BRE policy can exchange their current black iPhone 4 for a brand new white one. The exchanged device must be "in like-new condition with no visible damage." Of course any restocking fees apply.

    The white iPhone 4 will retain the same price points as its black bretheren ($199 and $299 for new activations, $449 and $549 for early upgrade and finally $649 and $749 for no-commitment purchases).

    Other notables include:
    • Customers are not allowed to holde spaces in line for any additional customers
    • Newly arriving customer should move to the end of the line (duh?)
    • Determine the number of customers in line for white iPhone 4 and coordinate this with the available invetory on hand If there are more people in line than available inventory, infrom customers of the following:

    Due to the unprecedented demand for White iPhone 4, our inventory is running low. I cannot guarantee there will be product available
    And yes none of that is a typo. Apparently internal AT&T documents are written by the "Love You Long Time" hooker from Full Metal Jacket. More infuriating though is the fact AT&T wont tell you that you, the 20th person in line, are two people removed from getting one of the 18 white iPhones on hand. The least they could do is notify customers in line that wont be able to get one of said fact so they can go about their day. However, they would rather laugh at your disappointment after you've waited in line for hours suffering from white iPhone blue balls.

    Here are all three pages of the ATT CSP:

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3

    Sources:Internal ATT Document
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