• Online Apple Store Goes Down, Return Policy Updated?

    Last night the Online Apple Store went down, and alert amongst the online community reached DEFCON 4, bordering on 5 (it has come to my attention DEFCON 5 is the lowest level of alarm. My bad.). The speculation and ferver around what Apple could possibly be unveiling reached a boil.

    Then nothing.

    Imagine everyone's dismay when the store came back online with no new products or visible changes. Not even a measly iPod Shuffle update. It seemed like the ultimate case of Apple announcement blue-balls.

    Ahah! But there was a change. Applebitch.com was the first to spot it. Apple made a minor cosmetic change to their Apple Store website navigation. The "Returns" link has been added between the "Sitemap" and "Account" navigation links at the bottom of the page. It's a welcome change, albeit a tiny one. The link takes consumers to Apple's Returns and Service's Page where Apple's return policies, and your rights as a consumer are explained in detail.

    The addition of the Returns link is nice nod to transparency on Apple's part. Many online retailers, and retailers in general, make finding information on their return policies and consumer rights a painful process similar to walking on coals while juggling porcupines. It's good to know something as small as extending the courtesy of easily accessible information to its customers is something Apple cares about.

    Hopefully next time the entire internet doesn't have a stroke when the Apple Store unexpectedly goes down. Maybe this will prove to be a lesson learned for the rampant Apple speculators.

    Probably not.

    Source: Applebitch
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