• $180k Bid Placed for Charity Lunch with Tim Cook

    As MMi reported in April, charity auction site CharityBuzz recently added a lunch date with Apple CEO Tim Cook, the proceeds of which benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

    With seven days remaining in the auction (the last day to bid is May 13th), the current highest bid is close to double what the estimated value of the lunch meeting with Cook is actually worth. As of Tuesday afternoon, the top bid comes in at a whopping $180,000.

    The estimated value of this lunch date is actually $100,000 - a figure that may be more than doubled if the current bidding trend continues throughout the coming week. No word on the identity of the top bidder, but it's obviously someone who admires Apple, the good cause for which the auction serves to benefit, or a savvy business person wishing to pick the brain of Apple's chief executive.

    As MMi previously reported, the cost of the meal is included (hey, every little bit helps when you drop six figures for a lunch) and it's valid for two people. Travel and accommodations are not included and the winning bidder and guest are subject to a security screening before the one-hour lunch date.

    To follow the auction's progress, check out the official Charity Buzz page here.

    Source: Charity Buzz
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    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Lunch with Cook would be very insightful, but think what the bid amount would be if it were Jobs! The information he'd have and the stories he could tell would be priceless! I'd say easily $500,000+ for lunch with Jobs.
    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      Is Tim buying lunch? 'Cause otherwise I'm not bidding.
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Quote Originally Posted by buggsy2 View Post
      Is Tim buying lunch? 'Cause otherwise I'm not bidding.
      Lunch is included
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