• Samsung Likely to Challenge $120M Damages Award in Patent Suit against Apple

    The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung, will reportedly be challenging the $120 million in damages awarded to Apple as part of the companies’ most recent courtroom battle, with Samsung’s lead attorney saying the verdict was “unsupported by evidence.” Samsung attorney John Quinn said the following in a statement regarding the matter:

    Of course we’re pleased that the jury awarded Apple 6% of what they were asking for. But even that can't stand, because Apple kept out all the real world evidence and didn't produce anything to substitute for it, so you have a verdict that's unsupported by evidence — and that's just one of its problems.
    Apple asked the court for more than $2 billion after alleging Samsung infringed on five patents, including swipe-to-text, universal search, and data detectors, while a Samsung counterargument sought just over $6 million for two patents of its own. A jury found both parties guilty of infringement but ordered Samsung to pay just $119.6 million and Apple to deliver only $158,000 to its rival. Following what was described as a “clerical error” that left Samsung unpenalized for at least one infringing handset, the jury subsequently revised individual payouts but left the total award unchanged.

    According to Villanova University law professor Michael Risch, appealing the verdict would be the better financial decision for Samsung:

    At this stage an appeal is cheap, even if the total can be reduced by $10-$20 million.
    Samsung has already lost more than $900 million to Apple after failing in two previous lawsuits. An unsuccessful appeal of the most recent lawsuit would push Samsung’s total losses to Apple over the billion dollar mark.

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

    Source: Bloomberg
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    1. Schnedi's Avatar
      Schnedi -
      Apple... what a patents trolL!!!
    1. fotsvett's Avatar
      fotsvett -
      I just got my galaxy note 3 a couple of weeks ago
      And im pretty sure more People Will give up on iPhones and pick Androids instead might be a samsung
      Who knows?
      This means they Will earn money anyway😊
      For me😊😊 never another boring Apple device
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