• Apple Reportedly Poised to Announced New Back-to-School Promotion

    Any day now. That's what we're hearing is the timeframe for Apple to announce it's yearly staple known as the "back-to-school" sales bonanza - an annual occurrence that typically serves up more than a few sweet promotions for customers in the market for a brand new Mac.

    Of course, speculation surrounding the established promotion's return isn't surprising in the least, as Apple traditionally opts for late May/early June. But with WWDC on tap for the first week of June, late May seems like the safe bet for the 2011 back-to-school campaign kick-off.

    For several days, the blogosphere has been buzzing about the prospect of Apple holding a special event or possible promotion to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Apple's retail stores. As my MMi colleague Phillip Swanson covered Monday, rumors about possible special commemorative events have now reached a boiling point.

    My sources confirm that Apple Stores across the US do in fact have an all-hands employee meeting scheduled for this Sunday, May 22 at 7:00 am. It's believed the meeting will be used to prep employees for whatever next week holds. Although a new product launch isn't expected, there remains another possibility beyond the likelihood of the back-to-school promotion roll out.

    As Phil also reported earlier today, the Apple Store could very well be in for an overhaul of sorts, both in terms of the retail store's look and and the services offered. "Personal Setup" services - or "Startup Sessions" - are reportedly planned for debut in the near future. As far as anyone can tell, the "near future," could be next week.

    So whether it's an Apple Store makeover, a new promotion, or something else altogether, one thing is for certain. Apple is planning something - and probably something big - for Monday.
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