• Who Owns Thunderbolt?

    The wonder-kid I/O born of illegitimate relations between Apple and Intel might be in for a custody battle soon.

    Taking a gander at Intel's trademarks page, the 10Gbps Thunderbolt I/O is clearly listed. However, looking for a trademark filing in both Canada and the United States turns up empty on Intel's behalf. Instead, Apple turns up as the owner of the Thunderbolt trademark.

    This emerged after rumors of Sony implementing Thunderbolt in upcoming machines, but in a Type-A USB jack as opposed to a mini DisplayPort connector. Even more puzzling is the fact Thunderbolt appears as a registered trademark to Intel on packaging of the early 2011 Macbook Pros.

    The advantages of Thunderbolt are undeniable, and to see the high-speed I/O experience any sort of brand confusion or fragmenting could hurt its implementation. There is a reason USB is called a Universal Serial Bus, it is UNIVERSAL. Fragmenting a new I/O could doom it from the beginning.

    Then again, perhaps this is just a rebranding by Apple, much in the same way IEEE 1394 was branded as FireWire by Apple and then granted as a free license. Hopefully none of this trademark confusion and fragmentation is sign of real problems, because it would sure be nice to be able to transfer an entire Blu-Ray to my external storage in 30 seconds and not 30 minutes.

    Source: Apple Insider
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