• Google Search iOS App Updated With Improvements to Voice Search, and More

    On Tuesday, Google released an update for the highly popular standalone Google Search application for iOS, making version 4.0.0 the latest version you can download from the App Store.

    The update focuses primarily on improvements to the Google Now voice search feature that is built into the application as a type of competition against Apple's Siri. The voice search will now let you follow up with answers by asking additional questions related to whatever you just asked:

    Have a smarter conversation with Google:
    • Tap the microphone or say “Ok Google” to start
    • Ask questions such as “What’s the weather like?”
    • Then follow up with “How about this weekend?”
    It's also worth mentioning that the update now lets you know when there's interesting information about any of your favorite topics, any upcoming events that you have, and anything about your favorite authors or blogs. Google Search is now much zippier in performance, and for those looking up images, you'll now notice that they appear in a much more fluid manner.

    Whether you're using Google Search because you like the functionality, or you just like Google, the application makes a nice alternative to Siri on devices that don't support the voice assistant.

    Existing users of the Google Search application will find the update under the Updates tab in the App Store application. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Google Search for free from this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
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    1. znbl's Avatar
      znbl -
      Am I the only one who is turned off by this albino-look more and more in iOS 7 and apps that go out of their way to look the same way? I honestly cannot see how this looks better than previous incarnations that had much more contract between elements that felt more defined. Now, for example, we have buttons that look like regular text.

      These problems exist in Windows 8 too, where it's just as much of a problem. It's like everything learned in design for the past 20+ years has gone down the tubes and now all the big companies are just copying each other into oblivion.
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