• Apple Retail Employees Attempting Unionize?

    On Thursday, a group of Apple Store employees issued a statement to the press announcing their plans to form a union. This announcement comes on the tenth anniversary of the first two Apple retail store locations opening in McLean, Virginia, and Glendale, California.

    The Apple Retail Workers Union made the following statement, We are launching today to get fellow employees, shoppers, and the world know that we work in one of the most demanding retail environments while suffering through unfair treatment and compensation among many other various issues... We deserve better. Our time has come.

    The group also launched a website to promote their cause, however, at this time, there is almost no information on the site. It currently contains little more that a slogan that reads, At Apple, our most important resource, our soul, is our people, and a contact link. They also made the following statement on Twitter:

    This is hardly the first time a disgruntled employee has criticized the treatment of Apple Store employees. The blog Crapplestore detailed the activities of one such worker. The anonymous blogger would give almost daily accounts of the working conditions in a scathing and very often humorous manner. Unfortunately, the site gained more attention than the blogger wanted and was soon taken down. However, during the time it was still up and running, the blog offered an intriguing peak behind the curtain at Apple.

    It will be very interesting to see how Apple handles this situation in the coming months. Recently, unions have been on the decline in this country. Will Apple follow in the footsteps of Walmart and institute draconian union busting measures to keep employees in check? Hopefully, Apple will be able to come to some kind of reasonable agreement with the retail staff. No one wants to see picketing outside an Apple Store when the next big new thing comes out.

    Source: MacWorld
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