• Report: iPhone 4s Sales Remain Powerful

    Needham & Co.’s Charlie Wolf told investors Wednesday that Apple's iPhone 4s remains a powerful driver of revenue for Apple, drawing more consumers into the iOS fold for the first time than many analysts had expected in recent months.

    Wolf once again put forth his Buy rating on AAPL and a $590 price target, explaining that “the surprising strength of iPhone 4S sales in the March quarter challenges the conventional wisdom that Apple has to build a low-end phone to retain share in the smartphone market.”

    As it turns out, the strength of Apple's legacy product line can't be underestimated as we look to future earnings from the iDevice maker.

    According to Wolf, the 4S added some 10 million new owners to iPhone in the quarter. This, the analyst proposes, proves that “the iPhone’s brand is so strong, a two-generation-old iPhone despite its premium price holds great appeal.” This reality, he concludes, “confirms Apple’s ongoing commitment to building the aspirational brand even at the low end of the market.”

    Source: Barron's
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Sounds like Apple is going to keep these around, even as both 6/6S drop this year. 4S is still a great phone. To many at this point, the screen may be a bit pudgy. Other than that..I don't hear many complaints about it at all.
    1. nikcomp's Avatar
      nikcomp -
      Its popular because a lot of people like the build and the size. Its a very small phone and really caters to people replacing a feature phone. Speed is not an issue with the 4s though LTE would be nice. PS its free most of the time too.
    1. glgbnaf's Avatar
      glgbnaf -
      Good!! My 4s works better than my 5s on 3G heck ya my 4s is my back up phone wen my 5s fails!! I will keep my 4s for sure!! Best iPhone to me but tried 5s lol lol slight bigger screen big deal my 4s is still jail broken on iOS 5 and works like a charm
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