• Apple Begins Blacking Out Retail Staff Employee Vacation Periods

    Apple has reportedly begun blacking out chunks of time in which Apple retail employees are not permitted to schedule vacations.

    So does this mean the iPhone 6 is fast approaching? Not necessarily. Although Apple is, indeed, preparing for something big enough to require all hands on deck, the vacation restrictions are targeting the month of September, which comes as a disappointment following a recent rash of reports noting that the next-generation iPhone 6 would launch in August.

    German-language Apple site iFun.de cites an extremely trustworthy and reliable source who confirms that vacation time in Germany is now being heavily restricted in the Germany, with other nations - including the U.S.- expected to follow shortly.

    So, does this mean that we don't see the iPhone 6 in August? Not so fast. It might only mean that sales and shipments won't commence until early September.

    We will keep you updated on the matter as more retail sources dish on the scheduling restrictions we're beginning to hear about with greater frequency.

    Source: iFun.de (via Apple Insider)
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