• Apple Closer to Bringing iOS 7 Look to All Apps with iTunes Connect 3.0

    Recently, Apple released a new revision to its developer focused iTunes Connect app for iOS with an all new design and the ability to handle multimedia content in the iBooks and iTunes store along with apps on the App Store. Apple has stated that the app (that mirrors functionality in the web based iTunes Connect portal for developers) has been completely changed. New charts and graphs that show performance information are one of the many new features in the update.

    Apple has also added the ability to manage TV shows, music, and movies in addition to the data and visual overhauls. Users are able to browse social media, reviews, and schedule applications in the new update. The latest update and release marks the ninth time the company has updated the app since 2010.

    iTunes Connect version 3.0 is a 7.2MB free download from the App Store.

    Source: iTunes
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    1. znbl's Avatar
      znbl -
      Apple Closer to Bringing iOS 7 Look to All Apps
      Am I the only one who feels that so much of iOS 7, especially the albino-look that so many apps have also adopted, feels more like an unfinished, prototype, mock UI than a complete and more fleshed out appearance? In fact, it looks more like Apple's early iPhone prototype UI. The same goes very much for windows 8. Problems like buttons having no visual cues, making them virtually indistinguishable from text labels, the general lack of contract between elements overall. Is this really the best Apple could have come up with? Just following what their competitors are doing (there is a lot taken from both WP and Android in iOS 7, some very blatant.)
    1. BUcLAo69's Avatar
      BUcLAo69 -
      Hmmm..... Is it available for download? Because I search the AppStore no results found on my Mac "iTunes Connect"
    1. glgbnaf's Avatar
      glgbnaf -
      Stuuuupid idea wen iOS 8 soon!! Just another apple setback LMAO!!!
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