• Apple Store Online Order Status Down Till Sunday

    The "Order Status" page on the Apple Online Store is down. Users trying to check the status of recently purchased goods via the online Apple Store are greeted with the above message. Also, a ton of phone numbers to contact the telesales team in your part of the world are on the page. So if you're concerned about your order en route, call those.

    Over the last week rumblings in the tummy of the Apple Rumor Beast have pointed to the unveiling of Apple Store 2.0. The new, improved, and more interactive retail experience will apparently include a revamping of the "checking your order status online," function. How this could be improved, and why it needs to be taken down over the next two days to do so, is beyond me.

    However, the bright light at end of this very short, and well lit tunnel, is the confirmation that all these changes will be finalized this Sunday. So coming Sunday morning, after Church, or after your hangover subsides, or after both, take a stroll down to your local Apple Store and check out the changes.

    Sunday May 22, Apple Store 2.0 will be unveiled. Honestly, if they don't have cotton candy machines, and a kitten petting play-pen I'm going to be peeved.

    Source: Apple
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