• Only One Hurdle Left to Clear For Apple's iCloud

    We're as close as we've ever been to Apple finally lifting the curtain on its long-awaited iCloud streaming music service. Those in-the-know say June remains a probable timeframe for launch as Apple has reportedly - at long last - signed deals with all the right labels and major music industry players within the last few days.

    Yet as All Things Digital reported via Peter Kafka on Friday, one significant hurdle remains to be cleared. You see, Apple still doesn't have an agreement with the big music publishers, as labels and publishers are two different entities that own different sets of rights. This is the one aspect of the Apple-cloud story that virtually no one is talking about. In order for Steve Jobs to launch iTunes into the clouds, all parties have to play nice.

    The two groups each get paid when their work is used, at different rates. And while all the big music companies have both a recorded music arm and a publishing arm, the two operate in different silos, and donít always share the rights to the same music. The Beatlesí recordings, for instance, belong to EMI Music, while the bandsí publishing rights are controlled by Sony/ATV.
    It is important to note, however, that the project isn't likely to fall through at this stage of the game as there's far too much money to be made for all parties involved if a final consensus is reached in the coming days - if not hours. In a nutshell, this deal will depend on how how much Apple is willing to pay out. Of course, at this point, with other streaming services reaching the clouds first, Apple simply can't afford not to pay whatever it takes to make iCloud happen - and soon.

    By all means, expect the hurdle in question to be cleared in time for the June 6th kick-off to Apple's WWDC.

    Source: All Things Digital
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