• iTwin - Jailbreakless Way to Access Your iPhone's Info

    Just released is iTwin v1.4Final, a Windows app which lets you access your iPhone's db's from your PC, in a decent UI. The author describes the app as

    a program for the Windows PC, that will show the content of your iPhone/iPod Touch databases in a quite familliar 'Look & Feel'. You will have access to your 'Contacts', your 'SMS', to the 'Calendar' and to your 'Notes'. In addition iTwin will generate a 'Birthday-List' including 'Zodics' out of your contact details.

    iTwin can read your databases in two different ways. If your device is 'jailbroken' then you have instant access to your data via 'WiFi'. The second way is by analysing the 'iTunes-Backup-Files', where it is not nessesary to have a 'modified' iPhone or iPod Touch !
    No OS X version is listed, nor is one planned it seems. All you Windows folks may enjoy this one though. The "no jailbreak" option is a bit less than 100% accurate - it works from your iTunes Backup Files, as stated. That's great as long as you sync often - otherwise you're looking at old info. You should be syncing often anyway.

    The app could be a great way to have a separate backup of important info somewhere, or just to have your info handy if you prefer a larger screen for viewing.

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    1. SittingDuck's Avatar
      SittingDuck -
      Hi there ...

      the new version of iTwin v3.3 Final is now out: http://www.i-twin.de/en

      Fully iOS5 compatible, supporting iMessages, Photos and Videos. Watch
      them right on your PC! Check it out and let me know what u think.

      Rgds ...
    1. SittingDuck's Avatar
      SittingDuck -
      So, I am happy now to announce a new beta-version of my little tool. Many improvments and already rock-stable. So before iOS6 is comming make sure you have a backup of your databases. If you have a PC give it a try!

      Cheers ...
    1. SittingDuck's Avatar
      SittingDuck -
      • Compatible to the new iOS6 databases.
      • WhatsApp-Support with the option to export your dialogs.
      • Search for phone-numbers within your contacts.
      • New Export-Formats e.g. all contacts as one PDF-file. (Mini-Phonebook)
      • Numerous bugfixes (like 500+).
      • Performance- and stability improvements.

      Have fun ... SittingDuck
    1. King_O_Hill's Avatar
      King_O_Hill -
      Gonna give this a go!
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