• A速weaks Teases Upcoming AltKeyboard2 for iOS 7

    A速weaks just got finished announcing that Apex 2 would be released May 23, or this Friday, as we reported just a few minutes ago. But the iOS development team isn't finished with its major announcements just yet. The team has just taken to Twitter to announce the upcoming release of AltKeyboard2, which is pegged for this Sunday.

    If you recall from our review of the original AltKeyboard, the tweak made it much easier to type by allowing you to swipe up on keys to access alternative characters much more easily than having to switch between two different kinds of keyboards by way of button.

    AltKeyboard2 will do this, and more, as is shown by a Vine post that was shared by iOS visual interaction designer Sentry_NC:

    <iframe class="vine-embed" src="https://vine.co/v/MHPDTPElAHF/embed/simple" width="600" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

    The Vine shows some really interesting features to come, including not only the ability to swipe up on keys to access alternative characters, but also a better way to put the cursor where you need it, and a better way to access select, copy, and paste commands.

    Like Apex 2, we will keep you updated on the release of AltKeyboard2, so stay tuned!

    Sources: A速weaks
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