• Apple Drops Safari 7.0.4, 6.1.4 Updates

    More updates were released by Apple on Wednesday, this time for Safari.

    This time, the update is to Safari. Update 7.0.4 is for Mavericks users while 6.1.4 is for Mountain Lion / Lion users.

    A simple round of updates, what Apple has addressed here are some lingering security issues. In short, Apple is delivering security fixes to the webkit engine.

    The Safari 7.0.4 update, Apple says, is recommended for all OS X Mavericks Users. "The fixes prevent a situation in which a maliciously crafted website may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution," Apple explains.

    Today's release comes after early April's release of Safari 7.0.3 and 6.1.3.

    As always, you can grab the latest update for Safari from the Software Update through the Mac App Store.

    Source: Apple
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