• Official Apple iPhone Unlock Possible!?!

    It is possible to have an iPhone unlocked via Apple rather than jailbreaking and running ultrasn0w according to Olly Farshi of theappleblog.com.

    Being located out of Europe Farshi is subscribed to a carrier other than AT&T (of course). His carrier is Sonera in Finland and he bought an iPhone 3G with them last year when they were the fresh hot and new thing to have.

    Farshi, like most iPhone users, bought his iPhone 3G complete with a 2 yr carrier contract. When the iPhone 3GS arrived on the scen he upgraded. Normal thing. Tons of us did the same. The difference lies with the carrier Sonera who gave him the option to pay off the remainder of his original 3G contract which he did.

    With the iPhone 3G contract paid off Farshi set after getting it unlocked officially - it is his and the carrier had been paid off after all. He contacted Sonera who made not of his IMEI # and submitted it to Apple. Next time Farshi syncd iTunes asked him to install an official carrier update, which he did. Afterwards iTunes popped up the unlocked screen (above) and now his iPhone 3G is unlocked officially by Apple.

    There ya go. Carrier update -> unlocked. Simple. Good luck getting AT&T to even listen to you if you want to do the same thing though

    Update: Yes we are well aware you can buy factory unlocked iPhones that have never been locked for $1000+. The above is concerning unlocking a locked iPhone.
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