• Make Video Calls on your iPhone with Fring

    Fring is a VoIP and chat client for your mobile phone. The service works with a handful of various networks, including Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger and Twitter. You can even make calls to landlines from your SkypeOut and SkypeIn account and place voice calls to your Skype and Fring address book.

    Today, Fring is taking its iPhone app to the next level by bringing support for video chat. Nokia added this feature to some of its devices last week, and the new version of Fring is now in the app store. Fring is free and you can grab it here (iTunes link). That means the iPhone/iPod Touch can now accept incoming Skype Video Calls! This can lead to a bunch of ways to monitor something as well.

    I wont lie, I've never really used Fring. I've fired it up once or twice before, but with this update I am very tempted to try it out again. The only problem with this is the iPhone doesn’t have a camera on the front, making for awkward video conversations, but we can only hope for one when the next iPhone is released in 2010.

    Below is a video by Fring demonstrating the service. Although, all I see is a bunch of greenscreen work and simple screen tracking, but I would imagine it's pretty close to the real deal.

    Fring is unfortunately limited to WiFi only, but the workaround is of course to use 3G Unrestrictor on a jailbroken iPhone. Using this tweak you can make Skype calls over 3G, and call unlimited to Canada/USA for $3/month. And of course a bunch of other things 3G Unrestrictor will let you do

    One should also note that this is only one-way video calling at the time. Fring has also said that once there is a front-facing camera, they will make two-way video conversations available — just like they are on some Nokia devices.

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