• iOS 8's Upcoming Split Screen Multitasking May Not Be Ready for WWDC 2014 Preview

    In the middle of the month, it was reported that Apple would bring split-screen multitasking to the iPad in the upcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system. The feature would be expected to resemble some features of the recently-released OS Experience jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Evan Swick.

    While the feature is still expected to come to iOS 8, a recent Tweet by Brian Chen of the New York Times reveals that Apple's split-screen mutlitasking for the iPad may not be completely ready to be previewed by the time of WWDC 2014 this Summer, and that it may take additional time, such as after the betas are released to developers, to finally implement the feature.

    For sure, split-screen mutlitasking would be a huge feature for the iPad, so it would be important for Apple to make sure they get it right before they start jumping the gun and previewing/releasing the feature. With that being said, it's still a "work in progress." Split-screen multitasking is a feature that comes out of the box with many of the iPad's competitors, so it's an important feature for Apple to add to its tablet lineup to compete properly.

    I've been told that the split-screen feature for iOS 8 isn't ready yet and won't be shown at WWDC. Still a work in progress.
    It's likely that such a feature would not come to the iPhone and iPod touch because of the lack of extraneous canvas space, which the iPad has a lot of, but this is certainly something that users could benefit from on the iPad when multitasking with productivity and research applications, or others. It's also unknown if the feature will be limited to specific iPad models.

    Are you excited to see a feature like this come with iOS 8 on the iPad?

    Sources: Brian Chen (NYT)
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