• Is Sony Ericsson Trying To Rip Off The iPhone?

    This week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, an old but still familiar (if not largely irrelevant) name in the smartphone business resurfaced. Regaining some attention in an industry that has largely moved beyond the abilities of the flailing cell phone manufacturer, Sony Ericsson made a pledge that turned some heads. It seems the company is aiming to give US consumers "want they want."

    What do they want, you ask? According hints from Sony Ericsson, cheap iPhone knock offs.

    While comparisons to the "comeback kid" known as as Motorola go without saying, here's what we know for certain about Sony Ericsson's ambitious plans. Last fall we learned that Sony Ericsson has in the works its first Android phone - the Xperia X10. At the Mobile World Congress, however, Sony Ericsson revealed another pair of Android phones. No carriers have yet been confirmed, but there are suggestions that AT&T would likely play "let's make a deal" and do business with Sony Ericsson.

    The X10 looks like a touch-screen iPhone knock off. The X10 mini looks similar, but smaller. The X10 mini pro is the most different, offering a slide-out keyboard.

    Although prices were not announced, Sony Ericsson is hinting at competitive but affordable pricing for their new smartphones. With the company's revenue in the dumps, it's anyone's guess if these iPhone-like offerings will give the company a boost, or effectively pound one more nail into its proverbial coffin.

    Image via The Associated Press
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