• iMatik Reveals iPhone's Electronic Soundscape

    The list of functions - regardless of how useful - provided by the iPhone seems to get longer by the day. The latest unorthodox application of the iPhone's potential comes by way of the musical stylings of Tom Freeman, who may very well take the genre of "electronica" to a whole new level.

    Freeman is getting noticed for releasing a new album consisting of tracks composed entirely on the iPhone. Available now on his personal website (no, it isn't offered through iTunes yet), the twenty-five tracks on the album called "iMatik" were inspired by Freeman's tinkering with apps and various components of sound modification found therein. A sound engineer by trade, Freeman says the quality of the album's "songs" is on par with the quality generated by professional hardware synthesizers.

    According to Freeman's website, among the apps used to produce the album were Beatmaker, iDrum, Flare, and Jasuto. Further illustrating the original intention to "just have fun" with this project are the wacky and pop culture-friendly titles of some of the tracks. They include such names as: "Donuts Are Awesome," "I'll Kill You Leonard Nimoy," "Beer Coma," "Urine Idiot," and "Operation Vacuu-Suck." It should be noted, however, that the majority of songs are one minute or less in length.

    Freeman says his album is an "awesome psychedelic hip hop and electronic music experience." He's selling a physical CD for $8 and the download for $5. Something tells me Mariah Carey won't lose sleep over this one, but many iPhone enthusiasts will likely be curious to see their beloved handset used in yet another innovative fashion.
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