• OS X Yosemite Announced, New Features Inside!

    Apple's Craig Craig Federighi took the stage at WWDC 2014 to show off new features of Apple's upcoming operating system OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

    From a first glance, it looks to have a nice new user interface with the option to have either a light or dark user interface. iOS 7-like flatness and transparency/blurring is used to give the new operating system a snappy new look.

    New features include an improved Notification Center with support for new widgets (both Apple and third-party). There is also a new redesigned SpotLight Search that shows up in the middle of the display when you're ready to search with live search results.

    New user interfaces:

    New SpotLight search:

    iCloud Drive is a new feature that lets you keep all of your files in sync between each of your machines (OS X and Windows). It works a lot like Dropbox:

    Improvements to Safari, including a new top bar with favorite shortcuts, more sharing options, speed improvements, battery efficiency, and improved tabs:

    New features for Mail, including "Markup," which is the ability to doodle over e-mails to help get your point across better:

    Notification Center is now better than ever with new widgets, information, and better looks:

    In addition, a new feature called Continuity will help make it so that your Mac and iOS devices stay synced together more efficiently. This includes being able to pick up on working on things you were working on with one device on other devices. AirDrop is also compatible between iOS devices and Macs.

    If you're ever in need of Internet, OS X 10.10 also has automatic Hotspot feature, which will connect to your iPhone automatically:

    OS X 10.10 is also bringing SMS and Phone Calling to your Mac, so you won't be restricted to iMessage and FaceTime:

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