• iPhone Tops Smartphone Marketshare and Samsung Gains Ground

    Apple iPhones remain the top smartphone in the U.S. in the three months ending in April. The iPhone has over 41% marketshare, however, subscribership contracted slightly as Samsung also grew in the same period. Research firm, comScore, released latest statistics from market research recently and it shows Apple being ranked number 1 smartphone manufacturer in the U.S, during the three months ending in April.

    41.4% of smartphone users are Apple iPhone users, even though the number was down .2 points from the quarter ending in January. Samsung grew its share of the American market by 1% over the same period, ending with a 27.7% marketshare. LG is next on the list with 6.5% of the market, with HTC and Motorola coming in last holding 5.3% of users. In the three-month interval, all three OEMs faced declines in user base.

    Google’s Android operating system topped the list in April with 52.5% of the mart, but was only up 0.8$ in the January period. Then comes Apple with 41.1%, and Apple came in second with 41.4% while Microsoft Windows came in with 3.3%. Lastly, Blackberry and Symbiam had 2.5% and 0.2% of the market respectively.

    According to comScore, 167.9 million people own smartphones in the U.S. over the three-month period which equates to 69.6% market penetration. Since the January quarter, the number has gone up 5%.

    Source: comScore
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