• Apple Gets with the Program by Developing an E-ticket System

    The flurry of patents coming down the line from Apple is providing interesting insights into what Cupertino has on the horizon for developing new platforms, services, and functions for the ubiquitous mobile devices that may already exert more influence on our lives than we presently realize. And, while Apple is usually ahead of the tech curve rather than behind it, there is one aspect of burgeoning mobile conveniences that Apple is finally starting to play catch-up with.

    Our friends at Patently Apple reveal that Apple is gunning for the electronic concert and event ticket business. A patent application foreshadows a new platform called "Concert Ticket +." While electronic tickets, coupons, and other scanable admission passes are far from groundbreaking, Apple is looking to take a minuscule trend and transform it unto a universally accepted norm.

    In a nutshell, "Concert Ticket +" lets you easily, efficiently, and securely buy tickets to a sporting or music event on your iPhone, for example, and then use your iPhone as the eTicket needed to gain admission to the event in question. Taking the platform further, however, the eTicket platform could also potentially be used for purchasing event souvenirs, refreshments, redeeming backstage passes, etc. The possibilities, in effect, are endless. How is this possible? The eTickets, naturally, would work with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

    While Patently Apple envisions a time when e-Tickets are used for everything from wedding invitations to amusement park passes, we still have a long way to go before electronic tickets are widely embraced by the public. Of course, we're bound to get there eventually and Apple knows it. Needless to say, that explains why Apple is locking down what it hopes will become the hottest conduit for electronic ticketing in the future.

    Image via Patently Apple
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