• Newly-announced OS X Yosemite Will Run on All Macs That Can Run OS X Mavericks

    Apple announced OS X Yosemite at the WWDC 2014 Keynote, and currently, it's available to developers as a beta release and is set to be released to the public as a free upgrade this Fall.

    If you're anticipating the release, then one thing you'll need to know for sure is whether or not your Mac can even run the new operating system. Fortunately, AppleInsider reports that any machine that can run OS X Mavericks will be able to run OS X Yosemite, and that includes all of the following:

    • MacBook Pro: mid-2007 or newer
    • MacBook Air: late 2008 or newer
    • iMac: mid-2007 or newer
    • Mac mini: early 2009 or newer
    • Mac Pro: early 2008 or newer
    • MacBook: late 2008 aluminum, early 2009 or newer
    • Xserve: early 2009

    Unlike Macs, on the other hand, iOS 8 is actually dropping support for one of the still-very-popular devices the iPhone 4, which has been supported by iOS all the way up to iOS 7.1.1.

    With OS X Yosemite supporting all Macs that can run OS X Mavericks, many people will be happy knowing they won't have to go out and buy a new computer just to stay up to date with Apple's software. OS X Yosemite is bringing a whole slew of new features to the Mac, including:

    • A re-designed user interface for Windows
    • New application icons and appearance for different interface elements
    • Improvements to stock applications, such as Messages, Maps, Calendar, and others
    • An all-new SpotLight search with improved search results
    • iCloud Drive for keeping all of your files in sync across your iOS devices and Macs
    • A better Safari with an improved bookmarks menu, improved search bar, and more
    • A new and improved Mail application with the ability to annotate messages before sending
    • A re-designed Notification Center with additional widgets and added functionality
    • Automatic hotspot for gaining access to your iPhone's cellular data remotely when Wi-Fi not available
    • The ability to answer/send SMS messages and phone calls from your Mac
    • And much more

    Will you be upgrading to OS X Yosemite when it comes out in the Fall?

    Sources: AppleInsider
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      I think you mean OS X Weed
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      I think you mean OS X Weed
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