• Safari 5 May Be Launched at WWDC with Sweet New Features

    Those "in the know" have reason to believe that this Monday's WWDC 2010 kick-off will bring with it the arrival of Safari 5, replete with several new features, two of which - extension support and Reader - will represent significant upgrades to the popular browser.

    It's a prospect that leaves many Safari users saying "it's about time." Extensions, after all, are nothing new for the likes of IE, Chrome, and even Firefox. The ability to enable users to create more custom functions will certainly increase the appeal of the browser as well as the loyalty of those already hooked. The addition of Reader, however, will most likely let users click the new Reader icon, which can simplify the process of reading articles on the web by presenting them on a standalone page without the myriad distractions probably found in the article's original location.

    Talk this weekend of a Safari 5 update - right along with speculation of Bing search support and expanded HTML5 support - comes from MacGeneration, which turned up top-secret James Bond-like image captures of supposed support documents from Apple. The info dishes on a plethora of features on tap for Safari 5, including the prospect of 25% faster JavaScript performance over the last Safari update. Other cool attributes may include smarter address fields, search history with date, a nifty little "Private Browsing" icon, and better page caching.

    With so little mystery surrounding the 4th generation iPhone and it's poorly hidden new features and attributes, it's kind of nice to know that some real and pleasant surprises may still be in store for the WWDC.

    Be sure to stay with modmyi.com/live this Monday morning, June 7th at 10AM PST for live coverage of Steve Jobs delivering this year's epic keynote.

    Images via MacGeneration
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