• Best Buy, RadioShack iPhone 4 Preorders Start Tomorrow

    [UPDATE: Confirmed. Still no official word on pricing, though.]

    [OK, UPDATE 2: Best Buy Mobile rep told me AT&T is letting all retail outlets (so that includes Wal-mart and RadioShack too) offer upgrade pricing. You have to make pre-orders in person at Best Buy locations, though: no online or phone-in options.]

    Despite official silence about availability and pricing, a Best Buy representative told me that iPhone 4 pre-ordering will begin tomorrow for in-store pickup only on June 24. The new phone will also be sold at retail to walk-in (or wait-in-line) customers, but availability was said to be subject to pre-orders, suggesting that it's not first-come-first-served: customers who placed orders ahead of time would get their phones first. The rep was unable to answer my question about upgrade pricing.

    For launch day, I have a choice of an AT&T Store in a heinous shopping center, or a Best Buy attached to a fashionable mall near MIT with a Starbucks and WiFi. If I'm going to have to wait in line (cause I want to bring you guys my report as soon as possible), I'd definitely prefer to be comfortable, indoors and caffeinated. But the deal-breaker, obviously, would be if for some reason I couldn't get my upgrade discount at Best Buy. There's every indication that I will be able to - Best Buy gave upgrade pricing on iPhone 3GS last year - but so far the company is remaining mum.

    In addition to AT&T, Apple and Best Buy retail outlets, iPhone 4 will also be available at RadioShack and Wal-mart stores on launch day. RadioShack announced via their Twitter feed that they will also be accepting pre-orders.
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