• Google Wallet Instant Buy Checkout Available on iOS

    It was recently announced by Google that Instant Buy would be coming to iOS. Instant Buy is a Google Wallet-based payment and authentication system that allows consumers to purchase and bypass shop with the least amount of clicks possible. According to Google, with the Instant Buy API for iOS, companies have a better chance in converting app visitors to sales.

    Instant Buy offers consumers a checkout process that can take as little as two clicks. The most tedious part in the checkout process is typing in credit card numbers, then billing and shipping information. The way it woks is that the system stores required payment and shipping information onto Google’s servers and then it saves the information after the pay button is pressed.

    Google noted that developers and merchants selling goods and services don’t have to pay any extra fees when integrating Instant Buy. The only thing necessary is to sign up and be approved before being able to apply the API to their apps. Fraud monitoring services are also monitored by Google for approved merchants. Google Wallet Instant Buy has been available for some mobile websites and for those on the Android platform for a year already. Some participating partners for the iOS platform include Eat24, Newegg, B&H, Wish.com, and Sionic Mobile.

    Source: Google Commerce
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