• iOS 4 Multitasking Supported Apps Already Turning Up in App Store

    Although Apple won't begin distributing iOS 4 to the public until next Monday, June 21st, three days before the official iPhone 4 launch, app updates - updates that support new iOS 4 features like multitasking - are beginning to get the Apple stamp of approval and turning up in the App Store. It's a safe bet that by the time you get your hands on the new iPhone, there will be a smorgasbord of top-notch apps and updates that will effectively take the new iOS and its accompanying bells and whistles for a memorable test drive.

    One such example, as reported by our friends at MacRumors, is Dropbox (v1.2.2), the hugely popular file sharing/syncing service. While only a few newsworthy updates have manifested in the App Store so far, Dropbox is joined by FlightTrack, which boasts in-app SMS for sharing flight details and a cool function enabling users to sync flights with the iPhone's calendar app. Although these are only two examples, keep your eyes peeled for an influx of similar updates and new offerings in the days (if not hours) ahead. But, unfortunately, while millions of iPhone owners will soon enjoy the multitasking capabilities of iOS 4 (assuming your iPhone 4 preorder wasn't canned), iPad owners will have to wait a few more months until the iOS 4 officially arrives for the iPad.

    Incredibly, Apple only began accepting iOS 4-compatible app submissions one week ago. In this regard, it's reassuring to witness in practice the Steve Jobs' WWDC proclamation that 95% of all app submissions get an okay from Apple within one week's time. Of course, it's also a fair observation that Apple is likely giving special attention to apps that show off iOS 4’s shiny new attributes. In other words, if you're a dev who has submitted an app that's less than a multitasking gem, it wouldn't be shocking if more than one week passes before Apple gives the all clear sign
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