• UBS Analyst Assesses Tim Cook's Performance as Apple CEO

    UBS analyst Steve Milunovich not only thinks Apple stock is a good buy today, he thinks the company is in good hands for the future.

    In a new report shared with investors, the UBS analyst offers an assessment of the Apple boss, finding that he is definitely the right leader for Apple in today's market.

    Largely shutting out claims and criticisms that Cook hasn't innovated fast enough or released a satisfying number of new products to keep Apple fans happy in the last three years, Milunovich suggests that, in the big picture, Cook brings to the table exactly what Apple needs today.

    Over time, Milunovich proposers, Cook's naysayers will likely be proven wrong, as Steve Jobs' successor is undoubtedly the “right man for the time” for Apple.

    Milunovich's comments largely echo those of famed Apple observer John Gruber, who said just last Friday that “Jobs was a great CEO for leading Apple to become big. But Cook is a great CEO for leading Apple now that it is big, to allow the company to take advantage of its size and success.”

    Source: Barron's
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