• iPhone 4 Has 512MB RAM

    Confirmation that the new iPhone has twice the RAM of the iPad or the iPhone 3GS has come from a recently released video of a developer session at WWDC 10. MacRumors first reported the revelation, which is the first acknowledgement from Apple that iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM.

    For a company that loves to dish out specs (highest pixel density of any smartphone, most energy efficient desktop, etc.), Apple sure is reticent when it comes to the amount of RAM in an iPhone. They've never publicized the memory specs, ever, and so we've had to wait for teardowns or leaks to find out, for, example, that the 3GS has 256MB of RAM. In the case of the iPhone 4, the assumption has been that the production phone has 256MB RAM, because that's how much memory was installed in the "lost-and-found" prototype when Gizmodo cracked it open, and how much the A4 chip on the iPad has.

    Video of the session where the RAM capacity was revealed, Advanced Performance Optimization on iPhone OS part 2, was recently released to registered Apple developers for download via iTunes, but is not presently available due to high demand.

    As MacRumors notes, this may explain why iMovie will only run on iPhone 4, and not the iPad.
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