• Apple’s Summer Camp Moviemaking and Storytelling Workshop For Kids is Back

    Apple’s annual Apple Camp is back for parents who want their creative children to be a part of something this summer. The annual Apple Camp invites children ages 8-12 to participate in moviemaking with iMove or storytelling with iBooks workshops. Countries that will partake in the camp include U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain, China, and Switzerland. Enrollment is free- all parents have to do is sign up at AppleRSVP.com when registration opens up in their region. The workshops will be taking place in July and August.

    Apple will be teaching children how to create movies on their Macs in the “Stories in Motion with iMovie” workshop by using Final Cut’s little brother. The company has stated that storyboarding, creating a soundtrack using the iPad, filming and bringing it all together with a Mac would be part of the curriculum. In the “Interactive Storytelling with iBooks” workshop, children will be learning how to publish and design their very own electronic books. Illustrating pictures and adding touch and sound abilities will be done on the iPad.

    In order to attend the workshops, the company requires children be accompanied by a legal guardian or a parent. The workshops will be on a first-come first-served basis, so whichever workshop is full, the child will have to attend the other. It is encouraged for campers to bring their own digital cameras for the iMovie workshop, but if you don’t have one, cameras will be provided.

    Source: Apple
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