• Apple’s iAd Gallery App Gets Removed from the App Store

    Apple’s iAd Gallery app has reportedly been removed from the app store after almost 2 years without updates. The app was first introduced back in 2011 and was supposed to showcase the best ads on the iAd platform. It was the company’s new way of mobile advertising push at the time. However, after it was launched, it didn’t gain much traction.

    Due to the app not getting much attention, it missed the many milestones Apple devices upgraded to. It didn’t receive any iOS 7 design changes or the transition to 4” display resolution. The last update was back in September of 2012, giving it the ability to run on iOS 6.

    The iAd Gallery app is believed to have been removed the first week of June, right around the time WWDC 2014 was held. In the last few years, many other Apple apps have been removed from the App Store including Texas Hold ‘Em, Cards, and Keynote Remote. It is also expected for iPhoto for iOS to be removed as well when iOS 8 is launched.

    Source: iTunes
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    1. The6uest's Avatar
      The6uest -
      Is anyone surprised? Who wants an app specifically to see ads!? We wants apps without ads!
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