• Gameloft Launches New Dungeon Gems Game in the App Store

    On Tuesday, Gameloft launched a new game in the iOS App Store that they're calling Dungeon Gems, and best of all, it's a free download.

    Dungeon Gems will let you be the hero and defeat dragons and other foes. It's a puzzle-based game where you will use a variety of elemental runes in order to cast attacks on the dragons and win the battle. You can use same-colored elemental runes to unleash one type of attack, or use multi-colored runes to unleash another type of attack.

    You can take advantage of different warriors and power-ups for your gaming, and you'll have the ability to make them evolve and become more powerful as you play.

    You can watch Gameloft's release video for the game below:

    While Dungeon Gems is a free download from the iOS App Store, it does offer in-app purchases so that you can buy to help advance your progress, which gives it the "Freemium" experience. If you'd like to grab it for yourself, you can follow this App Store link.

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    1. angerthosenear's Avatar
      angerthosenear -
      Wow this is such a rip off from Puzzle & Dragons. The matching system in this is more simplistic and has a smaller grid. But all of the rest of the interface is the same, just re-skinned a little. They even use the same icons, just with a slight theme change. Even all the stats have the same name and abbreviations.

      If you like orb-match games with a team please play Puzzle & Dragons over this rip-off. I'unno about you guys, but I hate game rip-offs, it adds nothing to the AppStore (like all those Flappy Bird ripoffs).
    1. Ajugal's Avatar
      Ajugal -
      Puzzle & Dragons is a baby ripoff from Jewel Dragon. Everyone copies someone. Still all of these games are fun.
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