• Video Shows 3D Rendering of Apple's "Spaceship" Campus 2

    With construction of Apple’s massive new corporate campus in Cupertino California underway, a 3D design shop has offered an advanced rendering, showcasing what Campus 2 is expected to look like once it is completed in 2016. The above video was made by Technology Integration Services Inc. and was created based on publicly available info about Apple’s Campus 2. The rendering showcases the huge “spaceship” building that represents the bulk of the project, but also provides a closer look at some of the smaller details.

    The flyover view gives a quick look at the nearby area and roads as well as adjacent buildings that will accompany the main facility. Of note are the underground roads, nearby parking structures and an impressive fountain located in the center of the “spaceship” building.

    The construction is currently underway at the site of the future Apple campus but as of now it’s essentially a large circular pile of dirt. Apple plans to officially move into the large main structure by 2016 while the accompanying secondary buildings will be finished on a rolling basis.

    For those of you who didn’t know, last November, Apple won final approval or its Campus 2 plans, which were first unveiled in 2011 by Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. The large circular main structure that same have taken to calling the “spaceship” will house roughly 12,000 employees while secondary buildings will accommodate meeting and presentation space.

    The original price of the build was expected to be near $3 billion but the budget quickly increased to $5 billion, causing a delay as architects tried to bring down costs. The so-called “fit and finish” aspects of the planned construction, like the monolithic curved glass windows lining the main building’s perimeter, were said to account for most of the inflated price tag.

    Those of you interested in watching the video should hit the source link below!

    Source: Technology Integration Services Inc. via AppleInsider
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