• iFail 4 Continues: No iPhones at RS Tomorrow?

    The hits just keep coming.

    In an oddly cheery-yet-gloomy Facebook post, RadioShack has informed its customers that "we are not able to fulfill all requests for the iPhone 4 on launch day." After chirping excitedly that "The Shack canít wait until Thursday!" the post drops the bomb on its customers who pre-ordered (or made a Customer Request in "Shack" lingo). It does make the hopeful promise that "we will receive additional inventory when supply is available," before going right on to dash those hopes by saying they "have no timing information yet." KTHX!!

    A CrunchGear reader emailed John Biggs to say that a" RadioShack Store Manager just let me know that due to demand, none of the RadioShackís were getting phones." The Facebook post notes that "select" RadioShacks "will have the iPhone 4 at launch." The post was not specific about which stores were the select stores, or how many there would even be: it could be a hundred, or it could be one or two.

    The RadioShack pre-order process has been a confusing experience for a lot of customers. Soon after orders began on June 14, RadioShack began taking "Customer Requests" rather than sales orders. Receipts issued from at least one store read "this request does not reserve a specific iPhone or guarantee availability for the customer."
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