• Leak or Lie? Apple Steals Your Info While AT&T Locks You In

    A "leak" has been reported on Addictive Tips from an Apple employee code named "Alpha." While we caution anyone to accept the validity of the information until credible sources chime in and more information becomes known, there is growing chatter tonight across the blogosphere about this still dubious "news" item.

    "Alpha" supposedly works in the iPhone Development Department and has been privy to what amounts to a "shocking" revelation that reveals the extent to which both Apple and AT&T will allegedly go to "lock their users and steal their information while they have no clue about it." In the article, Alpha dishes at length about what Apple and AT&T are doing specifically to implement what, if true, amounts to a sneaky consumer retainer scheme. According to the information presented, With iOS 4, AT&T locks all US iPhone owners to their network via regular OTA updates.

    According to “Alpha”, in iOS 4 there is a line of code which they wrote that sends OTA (Over The Air) updates to the user every 7-14 days which detects and locks the system if it is not using AT&T network. Also AT&T and Apple have 6 months worth of OTA updates in their server which “Alpha” himself checked.
    Additionally, it seems the reason some iPhones were shipped early was to "verify their OTA update system." Also noted is that Apple is stealing user information via FaceTime where there is no encryption. Lastly, Alpha says many Apple employees are on to the scheme and, as a result, they are not updating to iOS 4. Alpha indicated that he even downgraded his OS back to version 3.1.2.

    What may especially be pertinent information to readers on MMi is that when iPhone 4 users call Apple Care Support, "all information is displayed, including the jailbreak and baseband version." Consequently, guess what happens when you request support? Apple staff have been directed to refuse helping those who have broken the contract rules

    “I will tell you this right now the things I am saying if you where to go to Jobs himself he would deny.”
    Again, we wish to stress that the veracity of this information is unlikely at best. While the aspect of AT&T possibly locking the phones could be legitimate, our research finds that the downgrade process referenced by "Alpha" in the piece appears bogus. Not withstanding, if "Alpha" truly is an Apple employee, he may have the ability to downgrade.

    We'll stay with the story should there be any definitive confirmations or dismissals as to its legitimacy.

    Image via Addictive Tips
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