• Apple Adds New Channels to Apple TV

    Okay, so we're still waiting for a long-overdue Apple TV hardware update. But even as our impatience runs thin, Apple is doing its best to hold our interest with the addition of several new channels to its set-top box.

    On Tuesday morning, millions of Apple TV owners discovered four new additions to the streaming line-up available on the $99 Apple TV. New to the platform are ABC News, PBS Kids, AOL On, and Willow.

    Presumably, the biggest addition of the day - or at least the most interesting one - is AOL On, a network that delivers close to one million videos to Apple TV. Although most of the clips are fairly brisk (they're short vids from various AOL properties like Huffington Post, TechCrunch, etc.) there are some more elaborate chunks of content from other heavy-hitting content partners, like the folks at ESPN and even The New York Times.

    Apple TV, however, didn't break any molds today with the addition of AOL On. Roku, Microsoft's Xbox 360, and Amazon Fire TV are among the many competing streaming platforms to already offer the channel.

    Source: CNET
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    1. AlinBoy's Avatar
      AlinBoy -
      Please add safari....
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      ^^Seriously! Stinks when a company has competing products and wont upgrade some of them to their real capacity. Even the Wii, PS4 and XBox all have browsers on them. While you're at it put an AppStore on it sheesh.
    1. Shigoroku's Avatar
      Shigoroku -
      Quote Originally Posted by AlinBoy View Post
      Please add safari....
      Why? So you can type and navigate with a clunky remote? Just use AirPlay mirroring.

      iPod touch 5th gen, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5s work GREAT because the screen aspect is 16:9 when held horizontally and that version of Safari eliminates more of the chrome (browser's UI elements) to fill the screen with content.
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