• Users Report Apple's Official Podcasts iOS App is Broken

    Apple’s official Podcasts app has reportedly stopped working on iOS. Users who experienced this issue were on the latest version of Apple’s Podcast app. Version 2.1.2 was released on May 29th and it no longer functions on iOS 7.1.1, which was the most recent stable version of the software on the iPhone. According to reports, even though the app can be downloaded from the App Store, once the app opens it crashes just after a few seconds.

    Both versions are not beta releases and are public releases of preview software. It seems as if the issue stemmed after both versions of the app or operating system was updated. Apple was reached out to for more information on the current issue but have yet to respond.

    Source: Apple
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    1. sassvideo's Avatar
      sassvideo -
      I have 2.1.2 running on an iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.1) and it's working OK for me.
    1. 40_ounce's Avatar
      40_ounce -
      The app was crashing.
      so I tried the usual uninstall re-install.
      Seems to be working now.
      (iPhone 5 7.1.1)
    1. bencjedi's Avatar
      bencjedi -
      I am still on iOS 7.0 iPhone 5 with the version of the Podcast app prior to the one released May 29th. Being jailbroken I am hesitant to update apps from Apple Inc as there lies possibility for stuff to break (with no way to jailbreak sometimes). As I understand it Apple can 'leave the sandbox' from app updates and that could conceivably mess up stuff working fine with a JB. That said the previous podcast app is working just fine as always. I'm missing on some handy organizational and siri commands in the latest version, but it was more important for me for the podcast app to continue to work without fear my JB would render an updated version of the app broken or hindered. Best to wait and see if others experience issues being JB and updating the Apple-branded apps.
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