• PR Nightmare Continues: White iPhone 4 Thicker Than Its Sibling

    In what has become a week from public relations hell for Apple, Reports popped up late yesterday the white iPhone 4 was thicker than the black model. It has now been confirmed by Engadget the white iPhone 4 is 9.5mm thick compared to the black iPhone's 9.3mm thickness.

    Below is an image of Apple's PR headquarters:

    The .2mm change in thickness was not announced prior to release and has not been reflected in the product description on Apple's website. There is however this disclaimer ""Actual size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process."

    Apparently the possible changes in the manufacturing process discussed yesterday did cause this variation in size and weight. This of course creates headaches for consumers and case makers alike. White iPhone 4 owners must now worry whether or not their case will be able to fit their newly purchased phone. Manufacturers will need to decide if they need to start releasing new cases to match the slightly different specifications of the white iPhone 4.

    This problem wont affect your average silicone case or bumper, but for more expensive and tight fitting slider cases and muli-part cases, like OtterBox's more expensive offerings, potential problems exist.

    It baffles me that a company who tries to maintain and promote an image synonymous with perfection (in their opinion) could lack this kind of necessary foresight. The problems this fragmentation creates for case and accessory makers is obvious. As Engadget points out, Apple now has four configurations of their phones: white and black AT&T; white and black Verizon. Each offer their slightly different dimensions and button layouts. None of these differences are distinguished by a different model number. To the lay consumer all these phones should be interchangeable between accessories. However, they are not.

    In the past I have appreciated Apple unification of their product lines. It made for an extremely easy time purchasing accessories. Now it has become unnecessarily confusing.

    Source: Engadget
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      userix -
      So are all new white iphone 4 thicker than the black, or was it only the early batches that were thicker (according to a rumor I read somewhere online)?
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      Stray -
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