• Leaked Photos of the iPad Air 2 Mockup Hit The Web

    There are new leaked photos hitting the web of the possible next generation iPad Air. New pictures came up on a Japanese online news website ASCII with what seems like a mockup of Apple’s new iPad Air 2. The pictures shown on the website includes images of the mockup and the current iPad Air side by side. It appears that the potential iPad Air 2 might be 1mm thinner than current selling iPad Air models. The mockup seems to also feature the addition of Touch ID, which has been of major talk in the last couple of months.

    The question of the day is whether these mockup pictures are the real deal. Here’s a breakdown of why you should view these photos with a grain of salt: in the pictures, the mockup is missing a lock switch, which doesn’t seem likely for Apple to do. But rumor has it that Apple is trying to have as little physical buttons as possible, therefore the lock switch function may be accessed in the notification center instead. On top of which, pictures shown have the volume buttons indented as opposed to protruding like the current iPad models.

    These are some big changes, do you think these mockup pictures are the real deal?

    Source: ASCII
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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      On the contrary, the changes don't seem big enough to make them worthwhile, other than Touch ID.

      Hardly seems worth the cost of retooling assembly lines.
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