• iPhone Becomes Guitar for New Musical Experience

    From entire orchestras performing only with iPhone-generated music, to full albums released that were exclusively recorded on the iPod Touch, our iDevices are, without question, versatile instruments that can surprisingly make beautiful music. As a result, there has been no shortage of music apps emerging as popular applications for both aspiring and professional musicians looking to jam on an innovative new platform.

    For the guitar enthusiasts and iPhone lovers among us, you may want to take notice of a product being rolled out by a Japanese company called Trinity. The Fingerist, as it's known, is a veritable guitar shell customized for the iPhone or iPod touch. With a cut-out slot designed to accommodate your iDevice. Once set up, simply fire up your favorite musical iPhone app, and jam your little heart out through the speaker housed in a "faux wood grain body" supported by a guitar strap.

    In the event that you actually want to rock out live on stage (because, you know, iPhone concerts are all the rage) the iPhone accessory can be connected to a live amp. The built-in speaker (which runs on 3 AA batteries) lets you perform on stage for up to six consecutive hours. Of course, if you're not a real musician and only plan to play behind closed doors, the Fingerist can still be used as an external audio speaker to crank up the tunes on your iPod touch.

    So how much will the Fingerist run you? About $150.

    Image via Evenno
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