• Apple and Samsung Devices Dominate Top 5 Spots in Q1 2014

    The latest report by ABI Research notes that the 16GB iPhone 5s takes the top spot for Q1 2014. Majority of the spots are taken over by Apple and Samsung, which is no surprise in the smartphone market. In the reports released by ABI, the top 5 shared in the press release are Apple and Samsung devices. The devices listed in the press release include Samsung’s Galaxy S4, S3, Apple’s iPhone 4, and the iPhone 5s taking the top spot.

    LG and Sony devices are listed in the report’s top 20 and the Xiaomi makes its first appearance, meanwhile Huawei gets kicked out of the rankings. According to Nick Spencer, senior practice director of ABI Research,

    The presence of the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 16GB and iPhone 4s 8GB in the top five is testament to the enduring appeal of these models and the vendors strong brand, enabling a long and profitable lifecycle, that other vendors can only dream of.

    Sony, LG, and for the first time, Xiaomi make up the rest of the top 20, with Huawei dropping out. The much talked about Chinese vendor Xiaomi’s top device by shipment volume is the Redmi, which is now available outside of China, at a very affordable $130.
    Currently, Apple’s 8GB iPhone 4s is one of the most popular devices worldwide and the company’s most selling device in the lower-end market. However, Apple has recently released a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c in some countries and it may take the spot for entry-level Apple device, replacing the iPhone 4 and 4s.

    Source: ABI Research
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