• Samsung Disappoints with Smartphone Sales Outlook

    Although Apple and Samsung are the two smartphone makers standing tallest across the vast, competitive mobile landscape, the South Korean tech giant is making it clear that the good times are going to be mitigated as we move forward.

    On Tuesday, as Samsung dished on earnings for Q2 of 2014, the company said its earnings are projected to have dipped below those of Q2 of 2013. However, an even bigger story than yet another quarter of reduced profits (the third in a row, in fact), is that Samsung doesn't expect the trend to reverse.

    "Samsung Electronics' weak 2Q earnings forecast is the result of the strong Korean currency, declined smartphone and tablet shipments, and increased marketing expenses to reduce inventories," a statement from the tech maker reads.

    In two weeks, as Apple reports earnings for the same quarter, the smartphone industry will gain better perspective on the overall health of the smartphone business through the eyes of another major combatant in the mobile tech wars.

    Source: Samsung
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    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      I think Samsung will be just fine. They have their hands in everything and make good products!
    1. HCWHunter's Avatar
      HCWHunter -
      Apple had better come out with some new products soon, so Samesung can copy them, or else they are going to be in real trouble. They just can't sell enough appliances and TV's to make up the revenue from electronics.
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